Miracles, Even Now

8 Aug

When Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times isn’t providing thorough reporting and devastating critiques of the wrongs of our world, he’s providing plenty of news about altruistic and talented people making a positive difference.

One example is A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity, the book Kristof co-wrote with wife Sheryl WuDunn about some of the hundreds of altruistic efforts all over the world that actually work, as well as some that don’t.


Kristof speaks at World Economic Forum. (World Economic Forum/Monika Flueckiger.)

Another example is reporting about efforts like the one in this piece that appeared in The New York Times last month. (Sorry I am just now posting it.)

As often is the case with the stories Kristof reports, the fact the problem even exists in this day and age may outrage – but the success in overcoming it should inspire. While many are doing wanton and callous damage to the world’s most vulnerable citizens, others continue to take active responsibility for doing generous and even ingenious work to improve the lives of others.

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