About Serving … the Story

Assumption's Maggie Hanley installs a window for Greater Worcester Habitat for Humanity as part of Literature of Social Responsibility course.

“Serving … the story” is a blog dedicated to narratives of service to others, ranging from the inspirational and the heartbreaking to the philosophical and even humorous. This allows me, as its creator, to fuse two sides of my own story – that of a lifelong writer in journalistic and creative forms and, at the same time, someone who, like all the readers of this blog, find meaning through acts of service, large or small.

Anyone who has ever served in a soup kitchen, cleaned up a local park or traveled on a mission trip, knows that the call into service is, among other things, a call into story.

Sometimes we get to be the heroes of the story, sometimes we play supporting roles – sometimes, as when I hammered an entire row of vinyl siding crookedly on a Habitat house, we get to be the goat.

I want this site to be a place where people can both read and share stories of service, as well as meditate upon the deeper lessons of those experiences. Please spread the word … and share your own.

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